Only using the iPad as my main machine, review for software development experience

Spec Details

  • 11-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 128G
  • Magic Keyboard (Not Smart keyboard)

What happened in the first month?


  • Stateless! No dependency and data are left in the local computer!
  • It is so lightweight that I can be anywhere with it! I flew to a couple of vacation places and enjoyed coding at hotels and cafes.
  • The touch screen is terrific when you want subtle maneuvers or interactively show the screen to your friends.


  • No terminal (use virtual machine such as ec2 and gce)
  • No local Git (use cloud machine or Working Copy)
  • Limited local IDEs (Gitpod, Stackblitz, Code Server)


  • Coding is definitely possible
  • Serious software development is mainly limited to the cloud environment. You may bear with its dev inconvenience in exchange for lightweight convenience.
  • Not recommended for beginners. It is better to learn computer basics with standard computers.

Cloud IDE articles



Software Engineer: Python, Golang, Kotline, Rust, Machine Learning, React, Vue, GCP, AWS

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